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We all now know – too well – that even stones may not last forever, and those in our spire are no exception.  This was demonstrated in December 2012 when a chunk of one worked loose and suddenly descended to 35th Street – hence the hastily-erected “bridge” now obscuring the garden but protecting passersby.  Inspection by architects revealed that there was a wider problem: if it is not taken care of, water will seep into the spire and eventually into the walls of the church.  To prevent that, on the south and west sides of the spire alone eleven stones have to be replaced altogether, 15 need major repairs, and 470 are to be retooled.  The gablets – those decorative pointed arches at the base of the spire on each side – are in particular need of attention; they will have to be replaced in cast stone. 


It’s a big job and, like all big jobs, it will be expensive.  We are fortunate to have help from many sources: the Diocese of New York, the New York Landmarks Conservancy, our neighbors in Murray Hill, and a number of generous gifts from vestry members and other parishioners.  But more is needed.  That’s why the vestry has launched the Sponsor a Stone campaign. 


For $750, you can be a sponsor helping to pay for the replacement of a stone.  For $500, you can help pay for repair of one.  In both cases, friends and family may want to share a sponsorship.  And for $100, you can help pay for a stone to be retooled.   You’ll have a tangible remembrance of your contribution: all donors will receive a chip of a discarded stone (the ultimate in recycling!) and their names will be recorded in a memorial book.  But more important, of course, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped preserve the building we all love, for ourselves and the next generations.


You are invited to sponsor the replacement, repair, or retooling of a stone in the spire of the Church of the Incarnation by giving to the fund for spire renewal.  Please contact us at to contribute.


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